Event description

This event will be held online via Internet and only up to 100 attendees can join on this event so one can only buy ticket on first come first serve basis.

Please pay £3 online now via https://networkingcontact.com or £3 + fee via https://heptagonevents.com/. Once you bought the ticket then only you will receive an email with the event link to join as the attendee. In case of issue please email me at [email protected]

Please remember we take pictures and record videos on our events for all of social media and event pages. On this online event, we can still record, take pics and you can be heard via mic or seen via web cam also.

Spaces are limited and we usually get good turnouts at our events.

Start: 6:30 pm, this is networking time until 7:30 pm.

From 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm: 2 fifteen Minutes Business Sales Pitches in front of the panel will be presented at this time.

If interested in these 15 minutes sales pitch then please email [email protected] for further details and booking. If you are an individual investor then it is a great opportunity to watch start-ups’ pitching, answering questions and listening to expert feedback.

Why attend?

Answer: 1) To raise finance or find investment opportunities; 2) To witness the start-ups’ pitch; 3) To network; 4) To learn Networking skills; 5) To relax and have a chat; 6) To learn as to what others are doing; 7) To build or to retain old connections.

Disclaimer: Heptagon Events or Irfan Khalil are only organizing these events. We are not involved in any decisions of the start-ups or of the investors. So it is startups’ and investors’ own responsibility to find out more about any opportunities that are presented at this event and make their decisions accordingly.