How To Advertise Your Business With An Event

No matter how big your business has grown, advertising will always be an important part of it. You need to be ready to carry out marketing campaigns from time to time to boost your ROI. Most people like to market their business during the holidays. However, no rule says you must market your business only during the holidays. You can market your business at any time.

Advertising In An Event

There are various marketing strategies you may have employed in the past for promoting your brand, but have you even tried advertising your brand in an event? As a retailer, a personal service provider or the owner of a B2B company, you can benefit greatly from marketing during an event. All you need to do is plan the event and take full advantage of it.

How To Successfully Advertise Your Business At An Event

Step One

Define Your Goals

The first step to successful event marketing is defining your goal. You need to state what you want to achieve with the event. If the plan is to get the contact information of prospect’s, put that down. If you want to introduce a new product, put that down. If you want to thank your current customers, make sure it is clear. It is your goal that will shape the entire event.

Step Two

Fix A Date For The Event

So, now you know what your event goal is, it’s time to set a date. Time your event for maximization of results. Remember that your customers will have plans too, so make sure you don’t pick a date that conflicts with their plans. If you want to host the event during a holiday, pick a date that doesn’t conflict with existing holidays. Your clients and prospects will not be happy to abandon their Christmas dinner to attend your business event.

Step Three

Start Promoting Your Event

People will not just stumble upon your event on that day. It doesn’t work that way. You need to invest in promotion. Use the available advertising outlets to create awareness about the event. You can use your social media pages, print flyers, use word of mouth and do everything necessary to reach out to the public. You should also involve the local press.

Step Four

Generate Leads

During your event, tell the attendees about your products and services and why they should choose you over your competitors. Don’t just stop there, collect their information to follow up on the leads. Encourage attendees to sign up for your newsletters and follow your business on social media. Make sure you follow back. Don’t wait for the leads to grow cold, follow up within a few weeks after the event when they still have fresh memories.


This is how you advertise your business with an event. When the event is over, take note of what went wrong and what was done right. Use the information to work and do better on future events.