Innovative Trends In Arranging Events Today

An event is a very effective communication tool to connect with our public, strengthen the brand image and build a network of contacts that reinforces the reputation of the company and positions it as a reference.

Creativity, innovation and expertise are fundamental ingredients in a sector of activity trending today. Here are some of the trends in arranging events today:

‘Influencers’: They can be a double-edged sword, monopolize all the attention and make the brand go unnoticed, but having them helps maximize the dissemination of the event. In the first place, inviting media (online or on paper) is key support since everyone has a presence in networks.

Hybrid events: It is still early to gauge the popularity of this trend, but there is undeniably a greater proliferation of hybrid events, that is, encounters that have face-to-face execution, but that at the same time incorporate an important virtual component.

Personalization, the golden rule: Any event has to be customized to the maximum, like a tailored suit made for each situation. For this, we must know the idiosyncrasy of the brand in detail and elaborate a narrative where the mission, vision and values of the company are present.

Technology at the service of the message: Technological developments are increasingly becoming present in today’s events, but always at the service of the message. Technologies such as apps, audiovisual systems, holographies are becoming popular and integration of events nowadays.

A story for the experience: An event is a moment of communication, far beyond special effects or stage design. The events are made to establish a point of connection with our interest groups; that connection must be supported by a message, a story that provokes action and response. Defining the message is essential for that event to be effective and efficient.

Real-time data for interaction: The information obtained through apps, geolocation, biometrics, etc., helps the organizer solve problems and learn more about our public without forgetting, of course, responsible use of information and respect for privacy.

Empire of social networks: The experience narrated in the first person gains ground in the celebration of events. Our goal will be to encourage the participation of attendees through hashtags or other actions in networks that help us amplify communication. And for those who can not participate as assistants, we must approach them in another way through streaming, periscope or Facebook live and make them accomplices of our meeting. It is necessary to orchestrate a small activation campaign in networks before the event, during and after it, segmenting messages and generating conversation.

Communication strategy: The event is not an end in itself, but must be part of a whole communication mechanism of the company-client whose objective is the effective arrival to the target audience