Role Of Sponsor In An Event And Creating A Proposal

Sponsors are people or companies that collaborate economically with the event, for advertising purposes.

The objectives of the sponsors in an event lie in the possibility of expanding their database, doing business or closing deals. They participate in events related to their activity to spread their products or services, stimulate their sales and obtain a reminder of their brand, their company or their products.

The forms of participation of a sponsor vary, since they can be sponsors paying an amount of money, previously agreed with the organizing committee, or taking charge of one or several of the needs of the event.

It depends on what the event organizer offers. Sponsors can support any aspect of the event. You have to be creative to negotiate through different agreements on how they can be part of the event.

It is a mutual commercial relationship since a sponsor using payment in money or spices receives a benefit in exchange, usually related to a marketing and advertising activities.

How do I create a proposal?

There are different options to offer companies the sponsorship of our event. Here are some of them:

  • Payment of some space inside the event but outside the activities of the agenda: for example the livings, bars, a special room, a party, a lunch, etc.
  • Payment of any of the needs of the event: For example, the printing of the final program, the accreditation material, the signage, the sound and projection company, in exchange for those services have the logo of the company that pays it)
  • Presence on the website: Through a banner with your logo and a link to the company’s website
  • Purchase of registration packages: If the event is payment, so we can offer it as a courtesy to some of your customers who may be interested in our event
  • Sponsored symposium: propose an activity within the agenda of the event in which they can launch, re-launch or comment on any update regarding their products or services
  • Rental of a space (stand) so that they can have a presence and exchange with the attendees of the event in an area specially prepared for this purpose

To put together a participation proposal to offer potential sponsors, we must first define some issues, emphasizing:

  • The theme of the event and the audience that will attend (segment and possible quantity)
  • Make a list of companies linked to the theme and our public
  • Prepare and present our institutional portfolio (in which we must incorporate the data of the brief of our event, additional material of the activity, plans of commercial exhibition.
  • Coordinate meetings with the managers of each company.
  • Follow up after each meeting.