Available different options to sponsor are given below.

* You can become any of the following type of sponsors: 

 Sponsor an event

You can sponsor any event of your choice.

Sponsor series of events

You can also sponsor series of events.


* Also following are the places where you can advertise:

Emails that we send out to promote events

We can mention you being sponsor in the emails that we send about a specific event.

Meetup, event page on website

We advertise events on meet-up also so we can put you as sponsor there.

Eventbrite, event page on website

We can put you as sponsor on this event page.

Networking Contact, event page on website

Your add can be posted on the event page at this website.

Heptagon Events, event page on website

Your add also will posted on this website

Pull-up banner on the event location 

On the event itself this can be placed.

Leaflets on the event location

These can be distributed on the event itself.


If you are interested then please email us at [email protected] or contact us via following form:

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