The Evolution Of Fashion Event

Nowadays, these types of events are no longer directed only to magazines or specialized media but also to have an impact on the final consumers, as well as to achieve fame. In short, fashion events, in essence, do not stop being product presentations that can be developed in different formats.

We present the wide variety of ways to present a collection of a season and a brand:


There are different types of a parade. The fashion shows are classified first by garment and second by season. We will summarize them in three: resort, high fashion and ready-to-use.

  • Resort

They are the seasonal parades. In this case, there is more than one. In addition to the spring-summer and autumn-winter collections, there are also the cruise collections.

  • High fashion

The most stylish, less commercial and spectacular forms you will find in this type of parades. High Fashion looks for a surprise. It is an art materialized in fabrics. This type of parades works to show the designer’s style or creative inspirations in a more exaggerated and artistic way.

  • Ready-to-use

The ready-to-use offer realistic products according to the demand of the street. Many middle-class brand retailers are inspired by the ready-to-use outfits of high-end designers.


They are aimed at buyers and exclusive clients developing in rooms or spaces with a special decoration. During its development, there are small parades and the novelties of the season are shown. They are designed to be able to contemplate the product closely.

Experiential events/Fashion experience

Event marketing is a great ally of fashion. Offering an enhanced experience where the mission, vision and values of the brand intermingle with surprise, makes the public establish a relationship with the brand achieving loyalty and increasing the sense of belonging of the customers.

Sponsored events

Fashion brands know that the big events are the showcase where to communicate who they are through opinion leaders such as celebrities, the official channel of communication for a great brand. Fashion event is the perfect opportunity not only for a trendsetter to promote a brand but for those brands to sponsor and continue to maintain their positioning in the mind of the consumer.

Events with bloggers

The conversion of internet users to consumers of a brand that great bloggers facilitate is very profitable. Therefore, many fashion events are focused on the assistance of these fashion and beauty lovers. Through their social networks, they give much more than coverage to the event. If they are well chosen, they can serve to achieve the marketing objectives that the brand has proposed. These types of events are usually characterized by offering co-branding actions, where one brand acts as an umbrella for another helping to gain notoriety for the one that takes less time in the market.